Cultural Dimensions in Digital Multimedia Security Technology
A project funded under the EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Programme

The fundamental goal of the project is the promotion of links, the fusion of knowledge and the establishment of a durable open network between university media departments and non–profit associated partners from different cultural origin in Europe and India in respect to an interdisciplinary scientific area, bordered by technical, legal and cultural domains. The grand challenge here is to bring together outstanding partners with specialisation in different scientific disciplines and to concentrate their expertise in respect to Multimedia into a knowledge base, which is made available to all interested parties from Indian and European societies. Based on the global scope of the research activities of the participants, the partners will focus on integration of their research results in the following domains:

  • Digital Rights Management
  • Authentication of Media Data
  • Biometric User Authentication

With an emphasis on exploration of legal and cultural consequences of multimedia technology, the group will address

  • Legal aspects (e.g. data protection, DRM, copyright law, legally effective documents)
  • Cultural aspects of Restoration and Authentication in the digital domain (e.g. aims/constraints for digital image restoration simulation in different cultural environments)
  • End-user acceptance of Biometric User Identification and Verification (e.g. technical impacts in different cultures)